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Thank you for your support!

In my career I have been accompanied by important people and teams, whom I would like to introduce to you. Many thanks to all supporters during the last years!
U.COM Player


Since 2009 I have been working with my manager Christian Reimbold, who has also been the managing director of the management agency U.COM Player since summer 2018. This personal and trusting relationship is the basis for our successful partnership.
Elite Team Germany

German National Team

Since 2006 I am part of the German national team, since 2016 of Elite Team Germany. I am proud to play for Germany together with Martin Kaymer and Sebastian Heisele as well as Esther Henseleit, Sandra Gal and Caroline Masson.
Golf Club Hubbelrath


I've been a member of the Hubbelrath Golf Club and the men's team since I was 15 years old. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 we won the German championship and I am happy if I can still support the boys in tournaments.

Takashi Ohagen


Taka has been a golf coach at the Leadbetter Academy in Velbert and for some years now we have had a good friendship. Since summer 2020 we also work together on the tour. 
Ian Holloway


Ian Holloway is my coach since 2018. We practice at the GC Bergisch Land, just as my U.COM Player teammate Moritz Lampert. 
Florian Münch

Personal Trainer

Flo has been my physio trainer since 2020 and is also the physio trainer of Golf Team Germany. We create training plans together and he advises me in strength and endurance exercises.


The U.COM Player Team members are Karolin and Moritz Lampert, Esther Henseleit, Nicolai von Dellingshausen and Florian Fritsch, Leon Draisaitl and Thomas Bühner.